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At Art4Fun Recreation Hub, we empower you dance music, fitness & creativity and encourage you come, do something beyond the mundane, chill out, thrill and create something by self. Everyone can try something fun with us…children to adult …to learn, perform and chill.

Today when I look back at the journey of Art4Fun since its existence in 2009, I can happily say it has been a wonderful Recreational, fun-filled and Enjoyable Journey! However, it wasn’t so easy from day one. There were challenges, there were struggles. At Art4Fun, since 2009, there are number of dance and music studios which were opened and closed in a matter of few months, or few years. Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, we started again at our own commercial space after closing at the this years. However, this was possible only due to continuous excellent service, reputation, credibility and trust that we built over the years with our members. Kids who learned dance at our studio since they were kids, are coming to learn Zumba now when they are growing up to be yougn adults in many cases the family members joined Art4Fun for various classes like couples for Zumba and kids for dance music at our classes.

Every year we conduct annual concert at our Art4Fun to provide a platform for our students, so that they can perform on big stage at Jashn. The aim of conducting this concert every year is to encourage them to come forward and showcase their skill and also give them confidence to reach up to the ladder of success in future.
We conduct this concert regularly from last six years since 2009.


Listing ID 7650
Category zumba classes
Location aundh
Owner Art4Fun
Contact 9960705507


Lotus Riddhi Madhuri CHS, 12, Kotbagi Hospital Rd, Aundh, Pune, Maharashtra


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