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Ekam Yoga provides a large selection of online yoga courses catered to fit the particular needs and objectives of people of various ages and body kinds. Our seasoned teachers guarantee every session is safe, efficient, and fun by offering individualized direction based on particular diseases and fitness goals. Whether your level of expertise with yoga is new or advanced, we provide virtual courses emphasizing stress release, flexibility, mindfulness, physical and mental wellness, and self-care. Come see the transforming potential of yoga from the comfort of your own house today.

At Ekam Go, you learn under the direction of world-class Yoga teachers. We assist you to fulfill your objectives by hand-in-hand. You can become a professional Yoga therapist and a Yoga instructor by means of Ekam Yoga.

Try Ashtanga and Hatha with us or maybe a very basic warrior posture; it will strengthen you from hamstrings to calves, puts you on your own side, and generates your own strength.


Listing ID 7951
Category yoga classes
Location aundh
Owner Suman
Contact 9860027079


Chitra 503, Nagras Rd, Aundh, Pune, Maharashtra 411007, India


What is the rate of yoga classes in aundh?

The rate of yoga classes in aundh depends upon various factors. It is advised that you filter the yoga classes classifieds based on your requirement and budget to find the suitable match.

How to select the best yoga classes in aundh?

To find the best yoga classes in aundh, follow these steps.

  1. Look for ratings and reviews. The number of positive reviews on the profile directly correlates to the quality of service offered.
  2. Check if the yoga classes classified has the genuine photos.
  3. Verify contact information such as contact number using third party tools like Truecaller.

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