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The white colour BMW G310 R is for sale in Hyderabad. The bike is in great condition, which makes it a good option for anyone looking for a quality bike.

The bike is sure to attract any motorcycle lover and in general anyone who loves quality things.

the BMW G310 R can embellish in smooth handling and in pleasant ride quality to blend with any rider’s comfort, be them a city commuter, a tourer or even a weekend long distance afficionado. the noble white colour brings an elegant hue to the entire aura of the bike adding to the assertive visual of this machine arresting every eye on the street. Hence it is safe to conclude that the BMW G310 R is the perfect bike for any riding style be they a novice rider or an experience motorcyclist. It is luxurious to look at and even better to drive on.

If anyone wants to own this white colored BMW G310 R, please contact us. Now for booking test ride of this bike, contact us now. Showing the mind blowing colour of G310 R, the roadster is ready to hit the streets. Enjoy bike riding with this well running G310 R.


Classified ID 1331
Category second-hand-bikes
Location hyderabad
Asking Price 70000 / negotiable
Seller Type Owner
Contact 9711251688

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