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A suzuki Gixxer SF metallic blue, Delhi, For sale.

The bike is in excellent condition that would give the best performance far off it's condition. It's powerful engine and sports spec design makes it perfect for thrill riding. The one bike for the one crazy ride. Ride this style and feel your life when you are on your beloved restraint. It is in Delhi only, each and every pieces of it is there only you need to grab it.

Second Suzuki Gixxer SF view is the best motorcycle in the city in delhi . this Suzuki Gixxer SF Second view in blue mint badhii . This is hot color bike hot running in delhi . This motor bike very elegent but we can''t seen this bike in our city we can found this bike only delhi people . This is five star bike very nice for the driving . We can say this a perfect for the riding . But quality is very good You can checking the picture on .


Classified ID 2661
Category second-hand-bikes
Location delhi
Asking Price 32000 / negotiable
Seller Type Owner
Contact 9711251688

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