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The role involves extracting and analyzing data using SAP tools and techniques.

Number one the best fitting data mining and data analysis concepts should be matched with real world experience with SAP systems. To succeed in this job you will need to mine various pieces of data, analyse them and outline them for others in form of recommended actions. This job is fit for professional with excellent practiced analytical skills, eye on minute details and large amount of data availability. He who grabbed this position plays great role in making our company growth using SAP in his business processes.

This is an opening for an a candidate who is must have knowledge about ‘SAP’ software and a strong understanding of data mining and analysing; will be asked to retrieve data from ‘SAP’ systems using SAP related tools and techniques and analyse the data to derive useful insights for the organisation. Candidates must be able to handle large datasets with good analytical skills, close attention to detail and organisational skills like prioritising, time management and decision making. An applicant must have prior experience in data mining and analysing to be eligible for this role.

Job Specifications

Job ID 2554
Job Type data analyst jobs
Location siliguri
Company Name Akioma
Apply Type Call/Email




What is the salary of data analyst jobs in siliguri ?

The salary of data analyst jobs in siliguri depends upon type of job, experience in the field, and your overall personal skills during an interview. It is advised that you filter the data analyst jobs classifieds based on your past salary, experience and future career expections to find the dream job.

How to select the best data analyst jobs in siliguri ?

To find the best data analyst jobs in siliguri, follow these steps.

  1. Look for company employee ratings and reviews. The number of positive reviews on the company profile directly correlates to the quality of work environment.
  2. Check if your preferred data analyst jobs classified has the genuine photos of office workspace.
  3. Verify company's reputation on popular Job sites in India such as Indeed, Naukri, and Glassdoor.

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