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This teak wood sofa set is a perfect option for people who are looking for comfort and beauty at the same time. With 3 + 2 seater configuration. It provides more than enough sitting space for your living or lounge room. The memory foam seats deliver superior comfort, which makes every trip a pleasure.

Manufactured from superior-grade teak wood, this sofa set not only lasts long but also brings elegance to your surroundings. Natural grain of wood adds to the aesthetic value of it, therefore, it becomes an everlasting component of your home decor. The robust build up of this product lasts a long time so it is a good purchase.

Whether you entertain guests or just sit in the house, this teak wood sofa with memory foam seats offers ideal indoor seating. It is its traditional design and the cozy pillows that let you use it everywhere at the same time its style matches any interior design. Take advantage of this special sale now for a chance to have both comfort and elegance in your home.


Classified ID 907
Category furniture
Location ludhiana
Asking Price 25000 / negotiable
Seller Type Owner
Contact 9711251688

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